2013 News

  • 26/12/2013

    Christmas Tea Party at St Ursula Monastery for Past Lourdes Patients

    On the 26th day of this month, more patients attended a tea party very kindly given by the cloistered sisters of our Order. The afternoon was well attended with everyone having a wonderful time in the parlour hall of the Monastery which was so attractively decorated for Christmas with life size nativity figures in a […]

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  • 24/12/2013

    Christmas Eve Mass

    Our Lady of Victory Church Valletta   [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/dec/097.jpg’ size=3][/img] Members of the Order and their families and friends gathered in Our Lady of Victory Church to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass.   Mgr Paul Vella celebrated Mass and was assisted by Mgr Anton Galea and Dun Karm Busuttil.    

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  • 18/12/2013

    Prison Ministry Visit to Mtahleb Correctional Facility

    Prison Ministry Members visited the YOURS Correctional Facility in Mtahleb and handed out gifts and chocolates to the young inmates for Christmas. The boys appreciate the time we share with them and are so thankful for all we do for them. Four boys in particular, have taken a keen interest in cooking, drawing and music. […]

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  • 17/12/2013

    Maltese Association Tea Party for Lourdes Patients

    This month our Lourdes patients were spoilt with more than one activity. On the 17th of the month our special friends were entertained at the luxurious Corinthia San Gorg hotel which was beautifully decorated for Christmas. The hotel management took great pains to prepare a lovely and mouth-watering spread of eats with teas, coffees and […]

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  • 11/12/2013

    Packing of Christmas Hampers at Casa Lanfreducci

    [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/dec/042.jpg’ size=3][/img] Some members, this afternoon were happy to donate some of their time to prepare a hundred hampers for the poor and underprivileged. Other members were even kind to contribute financial support, toiletries, sweets and toys towards this worthy cause. SMART Supermarkets unfailingly provided the food bags and to them we are so […]

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  • 05/12/2013

    Maltese Association Children’s Christmas Party at the Grand Hotel Excelsior

    Over two hundred and fifty children from various child care programme centres, organisations and orphanages attended the Maltese Association annual Christmas Party that took place once again at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Floriana.   [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/dec/031.jpg’ size=3][/img] [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/dec/035.jpg’ size=3][/img]   The Grand Exhibition hall soon filled in with young children who spent the […]

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  • 30/11/2013

    Maltese Association Advent Retreat

    St Joseph’s Convent Tal-Virtu’   More than fifty persons attended this year’s Advent retreat at St Joseph’s Retreat House in Rabat.    The gathering was indeed very privileged and fortunate to have His Lordship Auxiliary Bishop of Malta, Mgr Charles Scicluna to lead them through several meditations in a most erudite and compellingly searching manner. […]

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  • 26/11/2013

    November Tea Party for Maltese Association Lourdes Patients

    Despite it being a cold, windy and rainy afternoon, our enthusiastic patients still refused to be discouraged from coming to the warm and pretty Fontanella tea rooms in Mdina, about twenty five of them braved the bad weather and turned up. This activity has become an event where the malades look forward to meeting up […]

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  • 09/11/2013

    Lourdes Reunion Mass

    Tal Mirakli Hall, Lija   [img link=” src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/nov/165.JPG’ size=2][/img] Members of the Order, helpers and Our Lords the Sick met for evening Mass on Saturday 9th November at the Tal Mirakli Hall for the Lourdes Pilgrimage 2013 Reunion.   The Tal Mirakli hall provided a warm convivial atmosphere for the good number that assembled for […]

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  • 01/11/2013

    First Friday Mass

    Holy Mass was celebrated at 6.00 p.m. on this First Friday on the 1st November, at Our Lady of Victory Church.   Mass was celebrated by The Rev. Mgr Lawrence Gatt who was assisted by Fr Karm Busuttil.   At this special Mass, the association fondly remembered its past members.   After Mass light refreshments […]

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  • 31/10/2013

    Maltese Association Project

    Residential Complex for Refugees in Balzan   The Maltese Association Council has approved a Project for the construction of a number of units to house additional immigrant families with children at the Residential Complex for Refugees in Balzan. The aim is to provide better accommodation for these unfortunates before the winter kicks in. Works, which […]

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  • 29/10/2013

    October Tea Party for Young Lourdes Patients

    This month the tea party was dedicated to our very young patients, who are very dear and close to the heart of Maltese Association. The chosen venue was the splendid Palazzo de Piro in Mdina. The children were so happy and thrilled to meet up again with one another since last May. They enjoyed tucking […]

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  • 28/10/2013

    Clothing for Irregular Immigrants

    Following an urgent call for suitable clothing which was badly needed by the strong inflow of irregular immigrants, Helen Farrugia-Randon collected overnight thousands of brand new clothes which were then delivered to the Hal Far Complex.   [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/oct/3471.jpeg’ size=3][/img] [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/oct/3480.jpeg’ size=3][/img]

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  • 21/10/2013

    Feast of St Ursula

      [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/oct/276.JPG’ size=2][/img] Holy Mass was celebrated on the Feast Day of St. Ursula. The Nuns’ chaplain, Fr Anthony Chircop, was the main celebrant and was assisted by Mgr Lawrence Gatt and other Maltese Association chaplains and priests.   Our nuns look forward to celebrating the feast of their patron saint, from year to […]

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  • 13/10/2013

    Feast of Blessed Gerard

      [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/oct/001.jpg’ size=2][/img] Holy Mass was celebrated by our Principal Chaplain The Very Revd Mgr Lawrence Gatt Conventual Chaplain ad honorem, in the Monastery of the cloistered sisters of St. Ursula, to commemorate the feast of Blessed Gerard, the founder of our Order and was assisted by Mgr John Azzopardi.         […]

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  • 25/09/2013

    The Infant Jesus of Prague Protector of the unborn child

      [img src=’http://orderofmalta-malta.org.mt/images/2013NewsImages/sept/001.jpg’ size=3][/img] The Maltese Association together with the Consulate for the Czech Republic celebrated the feast of the Infant Jesus of Prague. The liturgical celebrations were specially dedicated to the rights of the Unborn Child. This celebration is a public statement of the Maltese Association’s commitment to defending the helpless and the defenceless, […]

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  • 24/09/2013

    Maltese Association Tea Party for Lourdes Patients at Fontanella

    The Maltese Association started organising monthly afternoon informal tea-parties for our past Lourdes patients. This first get together was a great success. Over the years, the Maltese Association built a close friendship with many of the patients who have joined us over the years on pilgrimage to Lourdes. The relationship and special bond developed between […]

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