Lourdes Patient’s Tea Party at the Sant Manduca Residence in Mdina


There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.Mandy Hale

A group of Lourdes friends had a wonderful time together on this lovely August afternoon – it had just rained earlier on in the day, so the air was crispy and fresh! As always on arrival our dear patients sit at the various tables and start catching up on their cheerful nattering and sharing their latest news. The Fontanella tea rooms always prepare a lovely spread of food, needless to say, they unfailingly offer a generous portion of their delicious cakes, with teas and coffees being served all through the afternoon. The patients enjoy this reunion tremendously. Sitting in the beautiful terraces overlooking the splendid panoramic views from Mdina, is a relaxing break and pleasant boos for our special guests, who look so much forward to this! The next tea party is our fiftieth one!…it is so amazing at how fast time flies!