Summer Barbeque for Underprevileged Families and Persons with Special Needs

Malta, 12/07/2017 

Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human lifeBryant McGill

Over 230 persons were invited to this lovely evening barbeque where a plentiful spread of delicious food was served on this pleasant summer evening. Our special guests had a great time and it was so rewarding to see all these lovely people smiling, laughing and eating away to their hearts’ delight. Surplus leftovers were sent to St Catherine’s Home for the Elderly, so nothing went to waste!

Special and heartfelt thanks go to all our Volunteers, with a special thanks to the Hotel Plaza, whose dedicated and gentle staff, always look forward to this special event from year to year. Our gratefulness also goes to the Lija Parish who very kindly allow us to use their Parish hall and to Salvu Tanti, who is always so kind to make himself available to assist us throughout this event unfailingly. Last but not least, our appreciation also goes to Koptaco Coaches without whose assistance this activity would not have been possible. The precious contribution and valuable assistance of all our sponsors is immensely valued by the Association and moreover by Our Lords the Sick and the Poor whom we feel so privileged to have hosted on this special evening.