4th  – 9th  May 2017


Every month of May, nearly 4,000 Knights and Dames from all over the world travel to Lourdes to learn firsthand what belonging to the Order of Malta really means – devotion, service, and camaraderie. Dressed in distinctive uniforms and ministering to the sick and persons with special needs (referred to as “Our Lords the Sick”), the members of the Order form an international community of faith and service given with love.

Making the pilgrimage can be a profound religious experience. Linked as it is with hands-on service, the pilgrimage offers unique spiritual gifts to all. Knights, Dames and volunteers are assigned to various duties assisting the malades from early morning into the evening. There are doctors and nurses on hand assisting throughout the pilgrimage. The schedule is full, but very rewarding, and there is also time for reflection and relaxation, in addition to being a tremendous spiritual experience, the pilgrimage can also be a very enjoyable time. We welcome all those interested, their friends and young people to join us and share this amazing and unique experience! Please contact the Secretariat Office on 21 226919 or 21 246406 or on for more information.


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