Prison Thanksgiving Supper


Our Prison Ministry Volunteers organised the annual Thanksgiving Supper for young offenders serving time at the Young Offenders Unit for Rehabilitation Services (YOURS) at Imtahleb on Wednesday 11th January 2017.

The entire current compliment of 17 inmates, comprising a mixture of locals and foreigners, were present at the event. They were treated to a sumptuous 3 course supper in company of our volunteers who ensured to mingle and socialise with them all. Proceedings started off with a warm pumpkin soup which went down very well in the cold spell which we are currently experiencing, followed by a generous serving of baked beef olives and turkey. The final treat to this lovely dinner was a delicious chocolate cake from Fontanella.
The Director of Prisons Mr Paul Debattista made it a point to attend this event, together with the whole officer compliment stationed at YOURS. We were also most honoured to have Fra’ Francis Vassallo tucking in jovially with us all.

As the evening drew to a close, the Hospitaller distributed a pair of warm thermal socks to each individual inmate as a little token of solidarity and encouragement.

Each young inmate has his own story to recount. They are always so grateful to see us show some care for them, and it is our satisfaction to hear them acknowledge their past mistakes and to see them show that whilst they are looking ahead they have indeed learnt a lesson from their past transgressions and experience at YOURS.

The Maltese Association is always indebted to Mr. Joe Mangion and his wife Mrs. Benna Mangion for all their dedicated efforts in the catering department.

The Prison Ministry’s next appointment at YOURS will be at the Summer Barbeque.