Feast of Blessed Gerard and Investiture Ceremony


The Feast of Blessed Gerard, Founder of the Order, was fittingly marked by the Association, lead by its President Daniel de Petri Testaferrata, at a concelebrated Holy Mass in Latin held at the Church of St. Ursula in Valletta, which was all dressed up in beautiful damask for the occasion, where the skull of Blessed Gerard is kept and revered.

The Principal Chaplain of the Association, Monsignor Lawrence Gatt, was the main celebrant and was accompanied by the Rev. Fr. Monsignor Paul Vella, the Rev. Monsignor Victor Zammit McKeon, the Rev. Fr. Savio Vella and the Rev. Fr. David Gauci.

The Hospitaller read the first reading, whilst  Josephine Farrugia Randon read the bidding prayers. Peter Sant Cassia was Standard bearer.

The Jerosolimitan Nuns of St. Ursola, who are also members of the Order, were all in attendance within the church, leading the congregation with their beautiful singing to the accompaniment of their guitars.

The heavenly occasion also served for the promotion of the Rev. Fr. David Gauci to the rank of Magistral Chaplain ad honorem, and to the admittance of the Rev. Fr. Victor Zammit McKeon in the rank of Magistral Chaplain.