Lourdes Patients Tea party at the Sant Manduca residence in Mdina


After staring at the poor in the eyes, my thoughts on how best to help people have dramatically changedMoutasem Algharati

The tea party for the month of September was held at the Sant Manduca residence in Mdina However, due to the sudden and heavy rains, the activity had to be abandoned by most of those intending to attend. The inclement weather disrupted the flow of traffic, leaving many of us stranded in the roads, with no option but to turn back home, since the roads were flooded with the sudden downpour. Those who managed to arrive, were not disappointed though, and were entertained within the charming old town house of Mrs Sant Manduca. She very kindly opened her beautiful dining room to give our special guests a lovely high tea. Our immense gratefulness goes to the Sant Manduca family for their unfailing generosity and continuous support in our events.