Government Council Visitation to SAMOC


A Visitation was recently made to the Maltese Association by the Government Council of the Order, represented by Fra’ Jean-Luis Mainguy and Fra’ Paul Caffrey.

This was the first ever Visitation which the Association has experienced, and spanned fromThursday 1 to Monday 5 September. Council Members were fully engaged during this time, but all felt that it was a most constructive and salutary exercise which will bear fruit going forward. Members and Volunteers of the Association were given the opportunity of meeting our visiting Confreres at First Friday Mass at Our Lady of Victories Church on 2 September, which was followed by a Reception at Casa Lanfreducci.

On Saturday 3 September Fra’ Jean-Luis and Fra’ Paul accompanied by the President and the Hospitaller visited the Association’s recently re-launched trolley service at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, where they were greeted by Mr. SaviourcGalea on behalf of the Hospital and the Dowager Vivien Cassar de Sayn who introduced those volunteers who attended the event proudly sporting their brand new red tabards.

A tour of the Centre then followed, where the trolley service was already underway. Opportunity was taken to address words of encouragement to all patients undergoing treatment, who warmly reciprocated with broad smiles on their faces. It was evident that this important and highly visible hospitaller project has already made its mark, and is deeply appreciated by the patients and nursing staff alike. We have started off on a small but steady scale and now look forward to increasing the Association’s involvement at SAMOC.