SAMOC Trolley Service


The Maltese Association is very pleased to announce the launch of the Trolley Service at the brand new state of the art Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, as one of its important ongoing Hospitaller projects which also serves to provide very good visibility for the Order.

This is a continuation of the same service which was previously offered uninterruptedly over so many years at Sir Paul Boffa Hospital, but which had unfortunately been disrupted with the move of the Oncology Department to Mater Dei Hospital and the introduction of stricter infection control procedures.  Our volunteers on the job, all of whom needed to participate in a Training Session, are very easily recognizable proudly donning their brand new red tabards sporting the Order’s logo. The service is currently being provided at the Radiotherapy Ward by our female volunteers on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, and at the Day Ward by our male volunteers on Saturday mornings.

Additional volunteers are needed to extend the service to Mondays, but it was vitally important that the project be launched without further delay. A number of people have worked hard to re-establish contact with the Oncology Centre and to reach agreement with the relevant Authorities, but particular recognition must most definitely be given to the untiring efforts of the Most Noble Vivien Dowager Marchioness Cassar de Sain in ensuring the realisation of this wonderful project which has always very much been her baby.