2016 Summer BBQ for special families


You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.John Bunyan

Over 200 persons were invited to this lovely evening barbeque where an abundant selection of delicious eats were served in abundance on a fresh and pleasant summer evening. Our special guests from various organisations and localities had a great time and it was so gratifying to see all these lovely people smiling, laughing and eating away to their hearts’ delight. The ongoing entertainment prompted a jolly mood, inspiring our special guests to sing along some old time favourite songs with the merry music provided by DJ Michael Jackson J. Their infinite appreciation could be heard in the constant calls of emphasised ‘thank yous’; so the evening was a great and wonderful success for one and all!

Surplus leftovers were given to St Catherine Home for the Elderly in Attard, this residential home is run by the Dominican Nuns. They were so pleased to receive our unexpected contribution so that nothing went to waste!

Heartfelt thanks goes to all our Volunteers who gave a precious helping hand. A special emphasise of immense gratitude goes to Mr Lino Cremona, General Manager of the Plaza Hotel who organized the entertainment and coordinated all the catering. Our appreciation also goes to Mr Salvu Tanti, the Plaza Hotel’s dedicated staff, the Lija Parish and last but certainly not least to Koptaco, without whom this activity would not have been possible. Everybody’s precious input, support and valuable assistance was immensely valued by the Association’s members. We were most privileged to be able to reach out and host our special friends. it was a special event where happiness, fun and laughter altogether depicted this splendid evening!