Dar tal-Providenza Tea Parties


27th January & 4th February 2016


There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disabilitySharron Angle

The Maltese Association hosted around seventy five Dar tal-Providenza residents, being half the number of residents there, to a Tea Party on Wednesday 27th January and subsequently at a second tea party for the other half of residents on Thursday 4th February. Both events were held at the theatre hall of Dar tal-Providenza itself.

Members and volunteers served various finger foods and drinks, ensuring to exchange a few words and to beam out a smile to each and every special guest.

Entertainment was provided in the form of live shows put up by two most talented artists, who were fully immersed and focused on giving the crowd their best performance. At the first tea party, a musician, known as Michael Robert Jackson, gave a brilliant interpretation of Michael Jackson, whilst Tony Cha Cha, gave a lively and cheerful twist to the second party, in choosing a mixed repertoire of carnival music, Maltese folk and 60’s songs. Some of the residents even dared taking to the dance floor, and others on the stage itself in a bid to mimic the performers! This is the first time that the Association got actively involved with Dar tal-Providenza. The Director, the Rev. Fr Martin Micallef, expressed his appreciation, and it was also agreed that a meeting should be held in the near future to explore further ways in which the Association could play its part.