Xara Lodge Tea Party


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It was a cold afternoon, but this didn’t discourage our invited guests, who all turned up, wrapped up in warm clothing and very eager to meet up with each other once again for their monthly appointment at our little cozy tea party. We had a group of thirty five friends, which was great and so rewarding for us!

The Xara Lodge always looks so charming and its scenic views gives one a feeling of serenity. We were treated to teas and coffees with sandwiches, cheesecakes, tasty date and walnut cake and biscuits by the dedicated staff.

Everyone enjoyed sharing their news and latest activities! so the afternoon passed so quickly and in a flash it was time to say goodbyes and promises to meeting up in the next couple of weeks were exchanged! When it is time to go home, we always leave our special friends, feeling so content; knowing that new acquaintances are made and existing friendships are always growing stronger!