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Once again, the Association through the ongoing dedication and teamwork of the Prison Ministry members, organised a barbecue for the young offenders at the YOURS Corradino Correctional Facility in Mtahleb. The Prison authorities are always very grateful and enthusiastically eager to hold this annual event for the inmates.

These boys were treated to an enjoyable and delicious meal consisting of roasted chicken and a variety of other meats, all very graciously prepared by Mr Joseph Mangion, a keen volunteer who is always so generous in giving both his time and kind support whenever needed. We also provided a splendid spread of side dishes with rice, salads and tasty sauces. These items were cooked by one of the wardens who has excellent culinary skills, some of the boys joined in by giving a helping hand. A few others contributed by providing cheerful background music. The YOURS inmates, prison staff and prison ministry members enjoyed and shard a few pleasant hours together in a convivial atmosphere. The event was a most rewarding experience for all!