Summer Barbeque for Underprivileged Families and Persons with Special Needs



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Over 200 persons were invited to this lovely evening barbeque where an abundant array of delicious food was served on this pleasant summer evening. Our special guests had a great time and it was so rewarding to see all these lovely people smiling, laughing and eating away to their hearts’ delight. Surplus leftovers which were given to the Missionaries of Charity to distribute amongst those in need, so that nothing went to waste.

Special and heartfelt thanks go to all our Volunteers, the Hotel Plaza, its dedicated staff, the Lija Parish and Salvu Tanti, Koptaco and Silvio chairs, without whom this activity would not have been possible. Their precious contribution and valuable assistance is immensely appreciated by the Association and especially by Our Lords the Sick and the Poor whom we were most privileged to host.