of St John’s co-Cathedral
Eve of the Feast of Candelmas

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An Investiture and Decoration ceremony was held during Holy Mass celebrated by Maltese Association Principal Chaplain, the Very Rev. Mgr Lawrence Gatt, Grand Cross Conventual Chaplain ad Honorem in the Oratory of St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta. The ceremony was presided over by H.E. Dr Philip Farrugia Randon, President of the Maltese Association.


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Maltese Association members led by the President processed into the Oratory for the occasion with families and guests of the persons being invested and decorated.


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The Chancellor read the brevet issued by the Chancellery’s Office in Rome.


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The members taking the promise of Obedience processed to the Oratory and took their seats.


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The ceremony was directed by the Chancellor Marchesino Comm. Daniel de Petri Testaferrata with the support of the Association’s Master of Ceremonies, Major Raymond Miller.


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The ceremony commenced with Mgr Lawrence Gatt, Maltese Association Principal Chaplain blessing the ‘In-Obedience’ scapulars and decorations.


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First and second readings were read by :


[img src=’’ title=’Vice-President Comm. Anthony Miceli Demajo’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’The Noble Josef Formosa Gauci’ size=3][/img]


After the sermon, the Veni Creator Spiritus was sung. The President then presided over the Investiture ceremony and conferred the decorations on behalf of the Prince and Grand Master, HMEH Frá Matthew Festing.

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Promise Of Obedience
Admissions to the Second Class

Knight of Magistral Grace in Obedience


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[img src=’’ title=’Dr Alfred Caruana Galizia’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Dr Peter Cauchi’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Mr Chris Galea’ size=3][/img]


The Medaglia di Benemerenza – Pellegrinaggi a Lourdes was also conferred onto a number of individuals who participated in the Association’s pilgrimage to Lourdes on at least six occasions:

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[img src=’’ title=’Mr Paul Azzopardi’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Mrs Margaret Farrugia’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Mrs Rosette Fenech’ size=3][/img]
[img src=’’ title=’Mrs Sarah Jacobsen’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Mrs Tania Mercieca’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Miss Elena Mirone’ size=3][/img]
[img src=’’ title=’Mr Roger Strickland’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Mrs Roberta Tabone’ size=3][/img] [img src=’’ title=’Mrs Mariella Zarb’ size=3][/img]


The Mass then continued concluding with the Maltese Association President reading the Prayer of the Order.


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At the end of the ceremony, President Farrugia Randon led the Procession out of the Oratory and back to the Sacristy, where a group photo was taken.


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A reception was later held at Casa Lanfreducci for members, volunteers, newly decorated members and their families. It was indeed a most special occasion for one and all.