Thanksgiving Supper for Prison Inmates


Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries itRick Bragg


On Wednesday 7th January 2015, the Maltese Association once again, was very happy to hold the traditional annual Thanksgiving Supper for all the inmates at the Young Offenders Unit Rehabilitation Services (YOURS) institution, which is now located in Mtahleb.

The food was plentiful and delicious. The Maltese Association is immensely thankful to Mr Joe Mangion whose kind voluntary services are always given at this time of the year. He unfailingly assists in all the preparations and cooking of the traditional Christmas eats which consisted of delicious turkey beef and gammon.

When it was time to give out our Christmas presents to the boys, we could see their appreciation all over their happy faces, their beaming smiles said it all. The prison wardens on duty also joined in the festive and cheerful celebrations, which were held in a caring and warm family atmosphere.

The Prison Ministry members mingled and sat with the young inmates who are so much in need of guidance and encouragement to rebuild their lives, knowing that after their sentence is discounted, a whole new future lies ahead of them. Events such as these also bring out the best in the boys who eagerly roll up their sleeves both in the catering as well as in the clearing up departments.

The relaxed environment also presented the opportunity for a few competitive games of billiards in the common room before the dinner gong summoned all present to their seats in the decorated refectory.